Hemimorphite Ring
Hemimorphite Ring
Hemimorphite Ring
Hemimorphite Ring
Hemimorphite Ring

Hemimorphite Ring

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This stunning Hemimorphite ring is a statement piece ! Made with Sterling Silver

Size 7.5

Hemimorphite is a unique, rare crystal that appeals to both scientists and collectors. It is highly energetic, vibrantly coloured and a beautiful piece for both healing and display

.Hemimorphite crystal

Hemimorphite Metaphysical Properties

Beloved by jewelers and healers, Hemimorphite’s unique exterior beauty is matched by its long list of exceptional properties. Below are just a few of the metaphysical properties & healing uses that have been attributed to Hemimorphite.

  • Enhance psychic visions or empathetic abilities
  • Sensation of higher spiritual realms
  • Heightened Awareness and Intuition
  • Empathy & Selflessness
  • Energy & Enthusiasm
  • Elevated Mood & Positive Outlook
  • Amplification of Positive Emotions
  • Throat Chakra: Improved Communication & Emotional Intelligence
  • Heart Charka: Relationship Building, Self Love and Healing, Heightened Experiences of Joy and Love.
  • Third Eye Chakra: Intuition, Future Sight, Introspection, Psychic Ability
  • Crown Chakra: Higher Spiritual Connections and Expanded Consciousness. Transcendence of Worldly Concerns, Seeking True Fulfillment. Connection to the Universe & Collective Unconscious, Selflessness
  • Water Energy:  Going with the flow while acknowledging our connection to others and the world around us. Better understanding of our role in the lives of others - empathy & emotional intelligence. Encourages freedom of emotional expression, letting go, and moving forward.
  • Considered a ‘storm’ element crystal
  • A stone for Libra and water signs.