Third Eye Chakra Pendant

Third Eye Chakra Pendant

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The Ajna - Third Eye Pendant 

A beautiful hammered sterling silver representation of the Ajna Third Eye chakra.

The 7 chakras are swirling 'wheels' of energy arranged along the spine, through which invisible prana (life force energy) flows. When the chakras are open and healthy, the body and mind are also healthy.

AJNA is the sixth primary chakra, located at the top of the spinal chord between the eyebrows. This is the famous Third Eye, the centre of all intellect including psychic talents like clairvoyance and telepathy. An open and healthy Ajna chakra is characterised by a sense of idealism, greater intuitiveness and sharpened psychic abilities. Ajna is the gateway to self realisation.

This pendant measures 25 mm in diameter.

Chain sold separately.